Prince George's Premiere Coffeehouse Read

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Community Radio and Prince George

I was wondering what I could write this week. What goodness is there in Prince George, here and now.


Of course, I tend to look too far away from my nose when what I am seeking is generally right in front of me. I know you are anxiously awaiting this great revelation, this epiphany, as it were. Did I just ay that so close to the Catholic celebration? Yes, yes I did. Albeit later than the celebration here in Canada which, according to Wikipedia is; celebrated on January 6 each year. It remembers the three wise men's visit to baby Jesus and his baptism, according to events in the Christian Bible. There is your piece of religious trivia for the week.


I digress. The epiphany I had was regarding the local community radio station. 93.1 CFIS FM....


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